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At StreamingSpecialists
We enjoy working with many of our same clients that have been with us for decades, the reason.. TRUST.

We make the pre-production and discovery process of every project we do our primary objective.

COMPLETE. THOROUGH and TESTED is our mantra, we endeavor to eliminate single points of failure and build realistic failover systems and practices that ensure success even under less than ideal situations.

Bob Worden
Founder and Principal

Bob Worden, StreamingSpecialists owner and chief technologist has pioneered some of the most sophisticated and high performance webcast encoding systems and production workflows for record breaking webcasts for Microsoft, The Boeing Company, Fluor Corporation, Bridgepoint Medical, DePuy Synthes, TedX and many others.

Carly Ann.jpg
Carly Ann Darnall
Project Manager
Webcast Engineer

Carly Ann joined in 2012 and since then has managed webcast broadcasts from Chicago, Seattle, Portland and Shanghai, China.

Her skills and experience as an audio engineer and video editor provides that extra "Finesse" that her webcasts are known for  and clients love. 

Shaking Hands
Our Global Partners
and Freelancers

In nearly 40 years on the road internationally, We've built some very solid and trusted partnerships with expeditors, venues, AV suppliers and crews. We think and operate as one cohesive team, with the goal of making your production experience simple and successful.

Our Production

Some of our crew members have been with us for decades, and for a good reason, We think and operate as ONE. Your event is no place to train new or unknown local crews. Many of our team specialize in specific types of production, letting us assemble a crew of subject matter experts that know your world as much as they know theirs.

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