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Streaming Specialists announces new Seattle based Zoom Teleport

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic many of our traditional Satellite/VYVX/Web clients have been forced to seek alternative transmission technologies and workflows to continue their outreach to clients and physicians around the world. Northwest Telemedicine and Streaming Specialists responded to that need by evolving our remote field production process and transmissions into a unique web-portal and technical production management offering.


  • Zoom technology tutoringfamiliarization and certification for your presenters.

  • Powerpoint and Keynote presentation preparation for broadcast.


  • Streamlining the production process and workflows from live in-person events to remote teleconferencing collaborative and educational events while maintaining broadcast standards and smooth choreographed events.

Our Seattle based transmission operations center (TOC) hosts
Ten (10) inbound two-way licensed HD Zoom portals to a single High Definition video aggregation and distribution point capable of transmitting to Zoom Webinar, Livestream, YouTube, Facebook, OR to a custom RTMP stream to your own website.


  • HD Record and Playback capability in FULL RESOLUTION with NO COMPRESSION.

  • HD Titles, graphics and animations.

  • All inbound HD Presenter feeds have PROGRAM VIDEO RETURN, MIX-MINUS AUDIO AND I.F.B. - 3 channels of POTS dial-in Intercom/cueing

  • MULTIPLE LIVE Re-Streaming of your event

  • Content Post Production/Archiving and ON-DEMAND storage and delivery.

  • Closed Captioning and Open Subtitling

We shepherd and facilitate our clients through the complexity and tediousness of migrating from live in-person events to remote collaborative events and webinars.


Our company in its present configuration has been in business since 2012 and has supported live web-based events for Microsoft, Boeing Commercial Airlines Division, Abbott Laboratories, Boston Scientific, Abiomed, Medacta,

DePuy Synthes and VuMedi.


We are a small, highly innovative and driven organization dedicated to help our clients through this current calamity to return to the new-normalcy

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